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Curriculum Overview

This area contains the school curriculum documents that give an overview of termly teaching and learning. It will also have help files for parents to enable you to support your child’s learning.

Here we outline the termly learning that takes place in our school.

A Journey in Love – SRE


‘A Journey in Love’

A Catholic primary school resource for Sex and Relationship Education

The Journey in Love resources for each year group are available by clicking on the links below.

Journey in Love YR

Journey in Love Y1

Journey in Love Y2

Journey in Love Y3

Journey in Love Y4

In years 5 and 6 we follow the “All that I am” scheme delivered to boys and girls during the summer term. Further information about this scheme can be found on the website

Reading and Phonics

The importance of reading and phonics at Endsleigh Holy Child

Reading plays a vital role in the development and education of your child.  At Endsleigh Holy Child we ensure that pupils have lots of opportunities to read in lots of different contexts. We continually strive to promote a love of reading.


In Key Stage One we deliver a consistent approach to phonics using a programme called Read, Write Inc. Every pupil in Foundation Stage and Key Stage One works through the programme to help them decode (sound out) words that they read. Reading is linked into understanding what they have read. Using small group work on a daily basis allows staff to pin point any individual who may need additional support in this area and will plan intervention activities if needed.

Reading schemes

Pupils read through a set of book banded books. Each colour in the book band is a different level. We provide a wide range of books at different levels within a book band. The pupils know which book band they are working at and recognise the book band that they are working towards.


RE Curriculum

At Endsleigh, we follow ‘Come and See’, which is a Catholic Primary Religious Education programme for Foundation and Key Stages 1 and 2. This is based on the theological foundations of the Second Vatican Council, the Catholic Catechism and the revised RE Curriculum Directory and includes the Catholic attainment levels.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church addresses the search for meaning in life: God’s initiative in Revelation who comes to meet us and our response of faith. This pattern guides the structure of the programme and informs the process of each topic, opened up through; Explore, Reveal and Respond.

The children are led through the programme with the use of the  ‘driver words’: ‘recognise’, ‘recall’, ‘making links’ and ‘showing understanding’. They are assessed according to the levels of attainment in RE developed by the Bishops’ Council.

Each new topic in RE involves a ‘Big Question’ which helps to develop thinking and understanding through a process of discussion. Examples include; ‘What does it mean to belong?’, ‘Why should we spread Good News?’ and ‘How can we work together to build a just and fair world?’. Throughout each topic the children are encouraged to refer to these questions as a basis for deeper thinking and discussion.

As RE is at the core of every aspect of our lives in and out of school, it is given an extremely high profile around the school, with sacred spaces in each classroom and other prominent areas, allowing a place for reflection and prayer. The children are encouraged to take responsibility for these areas, taking pride in  nurturing their own spiritual development, under the guidance of all the adults and older members of the school.

Maths programmes of study: KS 1 and 2

At Endsleigh we aim to create an exciting and stimulating curriculum which allows the children to fulfil their potential in Maths. We want maths to be an engaging and interesting area of the children’s lives. We organise our lessons into three areas; calculations, reasoning and problem solving. The children are not limited to beginning their work on calculations; if they have shown the ability, they may begin with reasoning or problem solving. This is an aspirational scheme and children have shown us since its introduction that they are ready and able to meet this challenge.

Everything we do in maths prepares us for later life. We work in a variety of contexts using different methods to help us achieve our goals.

All of our lessons in maths a based on the Primary National Curriculum for Maths which can be found here;

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